Welcome to the Vegan Planet Kitchen. We create tasty vegan recipes inspired by traditional dishes from around the world. From Brazilian Moqueca to Norwegian Waffles we show you can still enjoy the cuisines of the world while being vegan.

Recommended Recipes

Frijoles Negros (Cuban Black Beans)

Frijoles Negros, a classic Cuban black bean dish. Rich, creamy and perfect as a side dish or served over white rice for a full meal. Ingredients of…

Jul 16, 20213 min read

Paraguayan Tomato Pasta (Tallarín Paraguayo)

Vegan Tallarín Paraguayo, a quick vegan version of this classic Paraguayan style tomato pasta dish. Tempeh and mushrooms in a rich umami tomato sauce with linguine pasta.…

May 26, 20225 min read

Vegan Black Forest Gateau

Vegan Black Forest Gateau, rich chocolate sponge with layers of whipped vegan cream and cherry compote made with cherry brandy. The name ‘Black Forest Gateau’ comes from…

Sep 6, 20214 min read

Latest Recipes

Vegan Pataniscas de Tofu – Portuguese Tofu Fritters

Vegan Pataniscas, made with tofu, hearts of palm, and nori flakes. These tasty Tofu Fritters offer a delicious, vegan twist on the classic Portuguese dish. Pataniscas have…

Jul 16, 20244 min read

Portuguese Rice and Beans – Jagacida

Portuguese Rice and Beans, also known as Jagacida, is a flavourful rice dish seasoned with onions, paprika, and garlic, enriched with tomato paste. Serving Suggestions for Portuguese…

Jul 16, 20243 min read

Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe

Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding: a moist sponge cake with dates, drizzled with warm toffee sauce. This classic British dessert is the ultimate comfort food! The Ultimate Comfort…

Jun 26, 20245 min read

Vegan Bacalhau com Grão – Hearts of Palm and Chickpea Salad

Discover our Vegan Bacalhau com Grão, a delicious hearts of palm and chickpea salad. Enjoy the flavours of Portugal with this healthy, plant-based twist! If you’re a…

Jun 12, 20243 min read

Urap Sayur – Indonesian Coconut and Vegetable Salad

An Indonesian Coconut Salad of cooked vegetables in a toasted coconut dressing. Urap Sayur is perfect as a side dish or a light, flavourful meal. The Heart…

Jun 6, 20243 min read

Vegan Peixinhos da Horta – Tempura Green Beans

Peixinhos da Horta, tempura green beans in a light beer batter, offering a crispy, flavourful twist on a classic Portuguese dish. Perfect for vegans and tempura lovers!…

Jun 5, 20245 min read