Welcome to the Vegan Planet Kitchen. We create tasty vegan recipes inspired by traditional dishes from around the world. From a Brazilian Moqueca to Norwegian Waffles we show you can still enjoy the cuisines of the world while being vegan.

Recommended Recipes

Tofu and Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce

Oct 19, 20213 min read

Tofu and Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce, crispy tofu with stir-fried green pepper and onions in a Chinese black bean sauce. Quick and easy to make.…

Vegan Dublin Coddle

Nov 15, 20213 min read

A vegan take on the Irish Dublin Coddle, a hearty stew made with sausages, onions and potatoes cooked in a delicious broth. Perfect served with soda bread…

Norwegian Flatbrød

May 15, 20223 min read

Norwegian Flatbrød, fully vegan Norwegian style crisp flatbreads. Wonderfully crispy breads that are perfect served with soups or stews. Serving Flatbrød These Norwegian flatbreads are similar to…

Latest Recipes

Vegan Ndambé – Spicy Bean Sandwich

Aug 18, 20224 min read

Vegan Ndambé Sandwich, a vegan take on a Senegalese street food sandwich. Crusty baguette and a spicy filling made with mushrooms, black eyed beans and sweet potato. …

Vegan Tofu Thieboudienne (Ceebu Jen)

Aug 15, 20227 min read

Vegan Tofu Thieboudienne (Ceebu Jen), our vegan version of the National dish of Senegal. Marinated tofu served with rice and vegetables cooked in a spicy tomato broth.…

Vegan Senegalese Yassa Recipe

Aug 8, 20224 min read

Vegan Senegalese Yassa, a vegan take on the popular comfort food from Senegal. A spicy onion based dish with tempeh marinated in lemon juice and mustard. Yassa…

Black Eyed Bean Salad (Salatu Niebe)

Aug 8, 20222 min read

Black Eyed Bean Salad (Salatu Niebe), a quick and easy-to-make bean salad from Senegal. Black eyed beans, tomato, cucumber, chilli and onion in a simple lime and…

Vegan Fonio Pilaf – Supergrain Salad

Aug 8, 20222 min read

Vegan Fonio Pilaf, a supergrain salad made with Fonio. An ancient grain from Western Africa with a subtle nutty flavour that’s easy to prepare and full of…

Vegan Mushroom and Lentil Moussaka

Jul 30, 20225 min read

Vegan Moussaka, a vegan take on a classic Greek Moussaka. A rich tomato sauce made with mushrooms and lentils layered with aubergines, potatoes and a creamy bechamel…