Welcome to the Vegan Planet Kitchen. We create tasty vegan recipes inspired by traditional dishes from around the world. From a Brazilian Moqueca to Norwegian Waffles we show you can still enjoy the cuisines of the world while being vegan.

Recommended Recipes

Kachumbari – Kenyan Salad

Sep 24, 20213 min read

Kachumbari, a simple Kenyan salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onion and avocado with lemon juice and coriander. Perfect to serve as a side salad with a stew.…

Vegan Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐)

Oct 21, 20214 min read

Vegan Mapo Tofu, soft tofu and shiitake mushrooms in a spicy and numbing sauce. This vegan version is quick and easy to make and is packed full…

Vegan Kotlet Schabowy and Dill Potatoes

Aug 8, 20214 min read

Vegan Kotlet Schabowy, made with celeriac for a wonderful taste and texture, served with buttery dill potatoes. Kotlet Schabowy is a Polish dish of breaded pork chop,…

Latest Recipes

St Lucian Spicy Mango Salad

Sep 12, 20222 min read

St Lucian Spicy Mango Salad, a delicious spicy and tangy mango and cucumber salsa that’s great as a side dish to freshen up Caribbean feasts.  Green Mango…

Tacos de Jamaica – Vegan Hibiscus Tacos

Sep 5, 20223 min read

Tacos de Jamaica, Mexican, fully vegan tacos. Made using dried hibiscus as a filling with fresh pico de gallo. Perfect for a vegan taco Tuesdays. Flor de…

Jus de Bissap – Iced Hibiscus Tea

Aug 29, 20223 min read

Senegalese Jus de Bissap, an iced drink made with dried hibiscus flowers. Sweetened with sugar and flavoured with orange blossom and fresh mint. Hibiscus is used to…

Vegan Ndambé – Spicy Bean Sandwich

Aug 18, 20224 min read

Vegan Ndambé Sandwich, a vegan take on a Senegalese street food sandwich. Crusty baguette and a spicy filling made with mushrooms, black eyed beans and sweet potato. …

Vegan Tofu Thieboudienne (Ceebu Jen)

Aug 15, 20227 min read

Vegan Tofu Thieboudienne (Ceebu Jen), our vegan version of the National dish of Senegal. Marinated tofu served with rice and vegetables cooked in a spicy tomato broth.…

Vegan Senegalese Yassa Recipe

Aug 8, 20224 min read

Vegan Senegalese Yassa, a vegan take on the popular comfort food from Senegal. A spicy onion based dish with tempeh marinated in lemon juice and mustard. Yassa…