Welcome to the Vegan Planet Kitchen. We create tasty vegan recipes inspired by traditional dishes from around the world. From a Brazilian Moqueca to Norwegian Waffles we show you can still enjoy the cuisines of the world while being vegan.

Recommended Recipes

Vegan Feijoada (Brazilian Black Bean Stew)

Jan 17, 20224 min read

Vegan Feijoada, pressed portobello mushrooms in a rich black bean stew with vegan chorizo. Delicious served with white rice and fresh orange segments.  Serving Vegan Feijoada We…

Vegan Norwegian Waffles – Vegan Vafler

May 23, 20223 min read

Vegan Vafler, Our vegan take on fluffy Norwegian Waffles. A tasty sweet treat in the traditional love heart shape with a hint of cardamom. Perfect served with…

5 Vegan Turkish Meze

Aug 30, 20212 min read

Similar to Spanish Tapas and Korean Banchan, Turkish Meze is a variety of small dishes consisting of hot and cold foods all served in the middle of…

Latest Recipes

Vegan Peruvian Arroz Chaufa

Jul 9, 20215 min read

Vegan Arroz Chaufa, our vegan take on Peruvian style Chinese fried rice. Quick and easy to make. Versatile, so you don’t have to stick to the same…

Vegan Causa – Potato and Quinoa Salad

Jul 6, 20215 min read

Vegan Causa, our vegan take on a traditional Peruvian Causa. Made with layers of potato, quinoa and avocado. Topped with vegan mayo, passion fruit sauce and mushrooms.…